contribution to Claire's handmade book
two pages, my friends dancing
sters - table
a mix for c minus
For Candle Object, August 2020
a mix for the 'mix lounge' featured in the Candle Object monthly newsletter
‘MSL’ by Keep (music video)
music video for Keep's song 'MSL'
FOIL w/ 5 y/o & Sters, Jan 2020
mix b2b with 5 y/o for Noods Radio
'There are Two', in Fosa
in Fosa album made while in residency at Gamli Skóli in Hrísey, Iceland
‘Untitled (1P5A)’ at the Ruffin Gallery, April 2019
a documentation of final exhibition in the Ruffin Gallery for the Aunspaugh Fellowship, April 2018